Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hannah at 16 months

I took this picture over the weekend. Every time I look at it, I fall in love with it even more. It’s just so… Hannah. In a matter of seconds, she had climbed up the stairs, pulled out half of her baby wipes, dropped her baby lotion in the hallway, and cleared off my nightstand. In this picture, she’s reading the letters I’ve written to her since she’s been born. There are 2 of them, written at random times when I’ve been so overcome by love for her that I couldn’t keep the words inside.

She is my life. My Baby. My Sweet Angel. My Rotten Princess. My smile and my laugh and my tears and my headaches. She’s shy and she’s funny. She’s afraid of bubbles and sand, but brave enough to want to try to swim on her own. She can’t say “baby”, but she can say “elephant” (well, close. It’s more like “enh- deh”.) She loves to look at pictures of us as a family. She’ll point to each of us over and over and over. Mommy. Daddy. Hannah. Sometimes I’m “mommy” and sometimes it’s “mama.” It’s ALWAYS “Daddy.”

She loves to see animals in person, but isn’t so crazy about them in pictures. She’ll dance alone if there’s no music, but turn the music on, and she’s reaching for me to dance her around the living room. She hates broccoli and loves green beans. She could live off of bananas if I’d let her.

My daughter can operate any cell phone you put in front of her. Sometimes, she’ll send me a text message while I’m at work. When I see “aieuncniuhg ffff” it simultaneously makes me smile with joy and breaks my heart for wanting to be next to her- wherever next to her happens to be.

I have never loved another person in my life with the intensity that I love this little girl.

This is motherhood. This is amazing.