Thursday, April 30, 2009


Pooba is having a contest to give away some super cute aprons! The contest is to help raise money for her sister in law's mother's cancer treatments. Hop on over and enter!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An almost hug from an almost stranger

Yesterday the Hubs and I went to his niece's birthday party. BIL and SIL are good friends with a couple who have gone through IF issues and ended up adopting internationally. I don't know the specifics of their situation, but they are really nice people. The wife, R, is always so friendly, and goes out of her way to say hi to me every time we're somewhere together. I know she knows our story. I'm actually really comforted to know that she does.

Yesterday, in the 5 minutes we were able to talk, she told me about her friend who had triplets through IF treatments and just found out she was pregnant naturally. Hearing a story like that may seem so random coming from someone I hardly know, but from her, it felt like so much more than that. I felt like she was saying "I know what you're going through. I know it's hard. We don't know each other, but I am on your side."

It was a short, simple conversation, but it meant so much to me. Thank you, R, for giving me that "almost hug."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I totally stole this idea from Katie at The Happy Hours.

Welcome to the ICLWers! I thought this was a great idea, so I’m going to introduce myself via the alphabet.

Aunt- I have 4 neices and a nephew who I love with my whole heart.
Broken bone- as in, I have never had one.
Cat- as in, I have one! Her name is Maggie.
Dog- I have one of those, too. Charlie, the Shih Tzu, is the cutest dog in the world
Eeek! This is hard than I thought it was going to be!
Fish- I have had 2. Superman and Superman, Jr. I accidentally sent Sr. to the fishbowl in the sky when he fell down the garbage disposal while I was cleaning his cage. Jr. died after I forgot to take him out of the house when we bug bombed. I’m not allowed to have silent animals anymore.
Girly- My husband says I’m the girliest girl he’s ever met. I take that as a compliment!
Handel’s- one of my favorite places to get ice cream
Iron Commentor- Or, what I'm going to be at the end of this week
Jill- my name (creative, right?)
Kit Kat- my favorite candy (you know, in case anyone ever wants to send me a present)
Laughter- something I think the world couldn’t survive without.
Music- probably the most expressive/universal form of communication in the world.
Negative- every HPT I’ve ever taken has shown up this way
Original- how I like to think of myself.
Paul- my husband’s name
Quiet- something I never thought I’d get enough of (I was wrong)
Risk taker- something I don’t really consider myself as.
Sunset- one of nature’s many wonders. Sometimes I wonder how someone can look at something so beautiful and doubt the existence of God.
TTC- what we’ve been doing since June 2007
Uvula- one of those words that I think is really funny
Vag cam- Something most of us have experienced a time or too many to count
Work- what I SHOULD be doing right now.
X-ray- the WORST part of going to the dentist (yes, even worse than the drill)
Yellow- My 2 year old niece’s favorite word. You should hear her say it. It’s adorable.
Z- is the last letter in the alphabet (Sorry, I can’t think of anything besides Zebra, and that’s way too obvious!)

Ok, I kinda just typed whatever came to my mind for all of these letters, obviously. Go see Katie. Hers is better.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bring on the rain...

I’m hopeful today…. Which usually means I’m about to get some bad news. I hate to think like that, but that’s generally how life hits me.

I started taking the cinnamon over the weekend. So much nicer on my intestines than Met! I’m pretty sure it’s working, too, because I didn’t have much to eat yesterday before church, and ended up having my sugar drop while grocery shopping. Luckily, we were grocery shopping and there was some soda (which I rarely drink) available. I didn’t start the vitex, because my local health food store was out of stock, and the supply I ordered online hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll update on that once I get it. I’m so excited to start getting healthy! I feel good. I can’t remember the last time I was able to say that. PLEASE God, don’t let this feeling go away….

Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Path...

So I’ve done some research, and I’m going to be starting a regime of Vitex (aka chaste berry) and Cinnamon supplements, and Metformin will be no more! I’m cautiously optimistic about this plan of action. My gut feeling is that this is the answer I was looking for, but I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I have about 3 different posts in the works that I can’t seem to finish. Hopefully today will be a breakthrough day and I’ll actually get one posted!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

IF Etiquette?

I just found out my cousin is pregnant. It was twins, but she lost one. What do I say in the situation? Is it Congratulations or I’m sorry? Do I acknowledge that I know about the lost little one? We used to be really close when we were younger, but not so much anymore. What is the etiquette in this situation? You’d think I’d be better at this by now…..