Thursday, September 24, 2009

And the Dietician Says....

So my meeting with the dietician went well(ish.) Basically she just told me I have to watch my carb intake. Cool. AND I can have as much peanut butter as I want. AND she said that sugar free jelly is OK to eat. So my recently found love of PB&Js is unharmed. Until I get sick of them. And then I’ll have to find something else to eat for lunch.

**Please, Dear Lord, don’t let me get sick of PB&J! Please let me keep loving it until after this little one has evacuated my womb. Then I can hate it again. I don’t care.**

This lady was all Fire and Brimstone about how I COMPLETELY failed my test. She kept saying “You didn’t just fail, you REALLY failed.” Thanks, lady. Just what I needed to hear. SO I’m sitting there, feeling like a failure, and then she starts to talk about my weight. And how I’m JUST on the line of the weight I should be gaining. Umm I’m 18 weeks in, and I’ve only gained 4 lbs. I was pretty proud of myself until that moment.

She tells me I have to test twice a day- once in the morning before I do ANYTHING (right… I haven’t really remembered to add that to the beginning of my routine yet.) and then once during the day after alternate meals (ie, 2 hours after breakfast one day, then lunch the next, then dinner…) And if I’m at or near the limit for any reason, I have to tell her EXACTLY why I’m over the limit. Oh, and apparently, I’m eating too late at night. Because I really love getting home at 6, after being gone since 7, and figuring out what to eat and then making it. It’s my favorite thing in the world. And not even a little bit intimidating. (See my previous post a few down about how food has been stressing me out.)

So then I get home, and I call my prescription company to see what glucose meters they cover, so I know what to ask for when I get to the store. They transfer me around in circles for an hour, until I finally reach a lady who tells me that I can get a free meter (sweet!) BUT I have to use the mail-in program. The company will fax my Dr something to sign to say it’s OK to get the meter, and when the company finally gets the fax back (who knows how long that will take) they’ll send me the meter in the mail. It will take up to 10 days after they get permission to get me the meter. Obviously, that solution wasn’t going to work. Luckily, my sister had GD when she was pregnant with her twins, so I was able to use her meter. All I had to do was shell out $102 for test strips. (in the words of my sister, “those things are like GOLD”)

So, it was a great time. Also, apparently the Low Carb craze is over. I was totally counting on the South Beach and Adkin’s followers to carry me through this- but the grocery store told me another story. Freakin’ A!


Amanda said...

I found with my insurance that my meter and strips were covered with certain "durable medical equipment" suppliers... it still took me a while to get my stuff too. But the plus is that since I'm all paid up on my deductible and co-ins it was 100% covered (I guess otherwise it would have counted towards those).

Also, I don't know if there is something to it or if it's just me, but if I don't get a nice fat drop of blood, and even though it looks like it fills the strip correctly, I tend to get higher readings for some reason. If I have a small drop and get a high reading, I repoke myself and do it again with more and it will be much lower every time. So make sure you've got a nice drop and you might do a little better with some of your readings.

Good luck with it!

Michelle said...

I am sorry that sounds like a real pain! $102 for test strips...ICK!!! I hope things are easier then you think they will be.

jill said...

Ugh what a pain :( That woman sounds like a bitch - any way you can get someone else? I mean, telling you what you need to do is one thing but making you feel like crap is totally different.

I wish you lots luck with this stuff!! I know it would be incredibly hard for me.

KristenWiley said...

Just found your blog and really like it! I have PCOS as well, and have had a rough time dealing with it. Good luck with everything!

Alissa said...

You poor thing...sorry to hear about the G.D. I'm hoping it gets easier for you as you get used to what you can/can't eat.
When we were doing the atkins diet we did a lot of fajitas w/o the tortillas b/c you can use any kind of sauteed veggies and any kind of meat. Eggs and salsa was also big, but it took me like 3 years to be able to look at a scrambled egg again, so don't overdo that! :-)

Anonymous said...

My advice would be to check Ebay, if all other avenues seem too expensive or if insurance doesn't cover well.

Leeny, Michigan

Io said...

"What they have" is by Kate Robin. It is fantastic and has a small cast (2M 2F) so might be great for a new theater company.