Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Makes me Happy

Someone on my local message board asked us all to list things that make us happy- things that aren’t husband/child related. Writing the list made me happy, so I thought I’d post here. I even added more than what I told them. What a good way to start a day.

~Christmas Eve at my mom’s house.
~Cadbury Crème eggs
~Starbucks white chocolate mocha
~Having long, serious discussions on stupid topics
~Animals in general. Mostly baby ones.
~The ocean. Especially sitting out on the beach at night and staring into the blackness.
~Getting lost in a good book.
~New clothes.
~Spending time with my sisters.
~Christmas trees.
~Standing outside on a silent winter night when tiny snowflakes are falling and look like glitter. It makes me feel like nothing could ever go wrong.
~Waking up somewhere new on a summer morning (like on vacation) and sitting outside enjoying the freedom that being away from home brings.
~Slow dancing (not so much with Paul, though. After almost 8 years, he still doesn’t know where to put his hands! Also, the height difference makes it difficult.)
~Going to the Park and feeding the ducks. Sometimes, they will completely surround you so that you are standing in a sea of them.
~Warm weather in December. (or Jan or Feb or anytime in the winter)
~ Having out of town relatives over and staying up late into the night talking about everything and nothing.
~Crawling into (or back into) my super comfy bed.
~Moments like this: This morning when I was driving in, I passed a field that was kind of overgrown. There was a small hill somewhere in the middle and a doe was standing completely still and looking toward the trees. There was fog on the ground, and the sun was just rising, so it hit in just the perfect place. I wanted to stop my car and stay in that moment for hours.

What makes you happy?


Michelle said...

Great idea and great list! These are many of my favorites!

jill said...

Great list! You hit on many of mine as well :)

Alissa said...

Random question for you - Do you know why "My Infertility Diaries" ( went private? I tried to check in today and wasn't able to view her blog. :-( I'm hoping everything is ok.

Hope you're feeling well!

Grand Pooba said...

What a great idea to write down everything that makes you happy! Definately something to do when you need cheering up!

My husband and I love clean sheet night. It's our favorite night of the week. LOL

We also love hanging out on our deck at night relaxing with a night cap and good conversation!