Monday, March 16, 2009

I need a time out

Let’s talk about my boobs. And how they hurt. A LOT. And they’ve hurt for about a week and a half now. And I peed on a stick (took a home pregnancy test) on Saturday morning which resulted in a big fat negative (BFN) like I knew it would. I thought it would be an open initiation for AF (Aunt Flo) to come for a visit, but the biatch is still messing with me and doesn’t want to show up. Also, I’m an emotional wreck and I can’t think clearly (unless it’s about my recent Harry Potter obsession, of course!) and I’m really freakin tired! I’ve been really sulky and crabby and edgy for a week now, and I know my husband is getting REALLY sick of it….. and guess what?! So am I! (I almost threw a temper tantrum ala my 2 year old self because he didn’t stop to get me a shamrock shake at the exact moment I wanted him to.) (Those things must have crack or something in them. I think all of McDonald’s food has some kind of addictive substance in it. No joke.) (Can you believe I haven’t ever had a shamrock shake until this year? I’ve had 2 in the last week and I just can’t get enough of them!)

Also, Spring is starting to show itself. YAY! It was 60 and clear yesterday and today is supposed to be the same today. Let’s hope the Gray Season in Ohio is over!


Beautiful Mess said...

I hear ya about the shakes. I felt the same way about the snicker blizzards. I had to have one every day! I was seriously, twitching and bitching if I didn't get one. I agree, McDonald's DOES put crack in their food! I hope you start feeling better soon.
Thinking of you, HUGS!!!

Blogalicious Designs said...

im sorry, i hope you get to geeling better soon!!

kccat said...

I convinced their is crack in their cokes. I have been addicted to them since 1995!!

Amanda said...

Hmmmm....if nothing has happened in a few days, I would definitely POAS again. Sounds suspicious!

Thank you for commenting on my blog. The whole family suicide watch scenario is part of what I am really scared of when he is discharged and comes home. It's a horrible thought and no one should have to go through that. Sigh.

Banana Pancakes said...

Hope you feel better soon, maybe it was too early to test? I must know what this Shamrock Shake is.... I'm out of the loop! Is it an Ohio thing, or do we have them in Denver too??? :)