Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ashlee Simpson is Pregnant

I was listening to my favorite radio station this morning and they had a phone poll: what is the right age to have kids? OK, really? Is this something you can seriously put a number on? There are so many variables in this situation that I can’t even fathom putting a number on it. I know people who were in their 20s-30s that have had children and weren’t “old enough” to have them, and then there are people like my sister, who was 22 when she had my ADORABLE twin nieces and is a fantastic mother. (Her husband is another story, but I won’t into that here.) I once worked with a girl who was 18 or 19 and had an absolutely adorable daughter who was 2 or 3, and she was a fantastic mom, too. (This girl was SO FREAKING ADORABLE and looked like a Skipper doll and her daughter could not have been cuter. The daughter’s name was Alyssa, and she was beautiful and I just fell in love with her. I wonder whatever happened to them.)

On a completely unrelated note, we had a frost advisory last night, and the temperature outside of my place of employment this morning was 37 degrees. Umm can someone please tell Ohio that it’s MAY! Not only is it May, it’s the END of MAY! Frost?! This kind of thing makes me doubt global warming. I’m pretty sure it’s a real thing, though, and that Ohio just didn’t get the memo.

Also, for anyone who was worried, I FOUND MY ZOLOFT! It was in a shoe box (?) all safe and warm. That made me a much happier girl….. well, that and ripping my darling husband a few new ones for a lot of nothing in particular. Sorry Honey!


Tiffanie said...

look at you - keeping up with blogging so far! good work!

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Oh yes ... I have a feeling my guilt comes not only from my Catholic background but that traditional cultural background I hail from!!

I agree with you about the right age to have kids. There is no number. First of all, if you wait to have kids ... you might find out too late that you have IF issues. And if you throw caution to the wind at an early age, who knows how age and maturity (or lack thereof) will play into it. It's all about the individual, man!

As for Ashlee ... gag. Another celebrity baby bump we get to have shoved down our throat ... :-(