Saturday, May 31, 2008

OOPS! and some fun stuff

I apologize for anyone who tried to leave me a comment yesterday and couldn't. For some reason, the comments were disabled for half of the day and it took me a little while to fix it. Thank you to everyone who left me some ideas, though! I'm so new at this, and 7 comments was enough to get me giddy about people seeing my blog :)

Last night I went out to sing some beautiful karaoke with my sisters and some friends. I'm pretty much an old lady in a 26 year-olds body, so I don't go out much. I had a BLAST and hope everyone else did, too :) Here's some pictures of the night:

This is me and 2 of my sisters. I'm in the middle, and the birthday girl is on the left. My bangs are all messed up, but it was really sweaty and humid, so... sorry!

This is my sister and her hubby.

Me and my Darling Husband!

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andrea said...

karaoke -- fun!!! and cute pictures