Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, Monday....

I am briefly emerging from my Twilight Haze to give you, my lovely internet, an update on all things fertility related.

Friday: Dished out $20 for the RE to tell me, with a flick of the vag cam, that my follicle wasn’t ready to trigger yet.

Saturday: Got up super early to drive BACK to RE to give up another $20 and get my HCG shot. Is it normal for the injection site to be sore for 48 hours after the shot? I was wincing in pain most of the weekend.

Today: Went in to discuss the results of all of the poking and prodding. Not bad, but not great. Turns out, I DO have PCOS with insulin resistance. We did some (more) blood work, and I have a prescription for Metformin waiting to be filled. (I’ve heard people talk about how amazing it is, but I don’t know much about it. Any stories to share?) Also, my uterus looks good, and all of my hormone levels are normal. He told me I should try to lose at least 7% of my body weight (like I haven’t been trying) but I’m not allowed to do more than a “brisk walk” as far as exercise goes. That means no more Zumba. (I asked him. I guess it’s a good think he told me now. The registration opens up for the next session soon, and I was planning on signing up for 2 sessions instead of 1 a week. So sad. )

So, have I missed anything big in Bloggyland? My google reader is beyond ridiculous in the amount of posts that I’m backed up on…… so I apologize if I haven’t been commenting/reading on a regular basis. I will return to normal as soon as I’m finished with Breaking Dawn (the last book in the Twilight series, which I am now reading) I promise I will!

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kccat said...

I too have picked up a book and put down the computer, not Twilight though. I am still not convinced enough to pick it up. Maybe one of these days though. It's good to read a real book and not just the screen now and then. Good luck catching up, I can't seem to. Later