Friday, September 26, 2008

My Husband Rocks! (AND a Giveaway)

I missed last week, so I guess maybe I should do double duty this week! My Husband ROCKS!

So this past week was our birthay week. The Hubs is only 3 days older than me, but he's not as into birthdays as I am. We had decided we weren't going to get anything for each other (again) this year, because money was tight. I kept up my end of the bargain (well, I got him a card), but, at midnight on wed/thurs he surprised me with a little something :) He bought me the ear buds that I have been drooling over for about a month now. Now I won't have to deal with them falling out of my ears while I'm working out! How cool is that?!

Also this week, my best friend stayed with us for a couple of days. She lives in Arizona, and she and The Hubs haven's always gotten along so well. Wednesday night he went out of his way and sat up talking with us. It made me feel really good, and she got really excited because she said "I think we're friends, now!" It was a pretty great time.

** As always, to find out more about My Husband Rocks Fridays, please visit Katy Lin at The Great Adventure. This week, in honor of her anniversary, she is having a pretty great giveaway. Pop on over and check her out!**


Katy Lin :) said...

what a great guy! hope you guys had great b-days and a good time with your friend! :)

Joshswife said...

It's so sweet when our guys get us something, even when we say not to! Honestly, it's about the best!

Beautiful Mess said...

Happy birthday to you 2. Of course your birthday is a bigger deal then his! It should be that way with EVERYTHING ;o)
Have a GREAT weekend

andrea said...

aww happy birthday x2!