Monday, November 17, 2008

Let's have a Pity Party!

Pity party for one, please.

Some random complaints:

~ I hate snow, and it’s been snowing since yesterday. And sticking a little bit.

~ The mascara I just bought (Maybelline XXL Volume/Length- I think that’s the name of it) is the WORST mascara I have ever used. Even worse than the stuff in those $10 makeup gift sets that I used to get from my mom for Christmas. It neither lengthened or volumized my lashes, the makeup is hard to get off of the wand, and the brushes are really stiff and pointy. They won’t be coming near my eyes again. I wonder if I can return it.

~ Last Thursday, there was a pipe leak above my department. My desk, and the desk of 3 other co-workers were drenched. I lost a bunch of stuff, and had to move to a desk on the other side of the floor while they clean the mess. As of today, the smell is better, but there’s still about 6 fans blowing and some dehumidifiers running. Also, the carpet on my floor looks like an elephant peed on it. I don’t see it being fixed any time soon. In the meantime, my work life is incredibly inconvenient, as my printer and all of my files are still over there.


The Hubs and I are in a really deep rut, almost Grand Canyon proportions, and can’t figure out how to dig ourselves out. I think we’re in too deep. We can’t afford to take a vacation, although I think that would help. We don’t even have enough extra money to go away for a night. How do you reconnect when you get in a rut like that? I’m open to any/all suggestions!


Jendeis said...

Inside campfire (NOT arson): set up a bunch of (non-scented) candles on a sturdy plate or coffee table. Spread out a blanket on the floor and have a picnic - you can even toast marshmallows to make s'mores on the candles.

Staci said...

Lash blast by cover girl (i think, and im too lazy to get up and check) It is in an orange tube...THE BEST!!!

missed ya!!

nancy said...

you always have the "my husband rocks!" posts all the time so I would have never guessed you were in a rut.

I've been reconnecting with my hubby by going to bed early and hanging out with one another. Even if we are just watching a movie/tv, we are still all cuddly. It helps.

Brooke said...

Aww Jill.

Try to find cheap things to do: check out museums, go for a walk in the mall, have movie day - don't get out of your pj's and just lay on the floor or in bed and watch movies. I'm sorry you guys are in a rut. I hope things get better for you guys soon.

Brooke said...
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andrea said...

i just wanted to say - that freaking blows about your office. i would be pissed.

AFA reconnecting - one of our favorite things to do is to stay at home, turn off the cell phones and just be together - whether that means goofing off playing games, watching a movie, just talking etc. - it is nice to be home together and alone!
and we are always looking for free things to do together - with the holidays coming up there is so much to do downtown (akron and canton) - and not inviting anyone to go with us makes it all the better!!

i hope things get better for you guys - i know it can be hard.

SAHW said...

It's tough when you get stuck in a rut...though like Nancy said, I was surprised to read that, considering your Friday posts are so upbeat. Why don't you try a "home date" - we have home dates (okay, had...things have been rather boring post pregnancy, lol) from time to time in which we dress up just as we would if going out, have a really nice, special dinner made at home or get take out that is different from the norm, and plan an activity to be done at home - the key is that it should be something different from the norm, so a movie only works if you don't always watch movies, kwim?
Hope that helps...hope things get better soon.

Amy said...

I am so glad I didn't buy that mascara.

I'm sorry about your office. That really sucks.

This is going to sound so corny but lately, Steve and I have been crawling underneath the covers and talking at night. This solves two things... it warms up the bed faster and we get to be in a "secret cave" where it's just us.

Also, with all the holiday stuff coming up, you should make a thermos of hot cocoa and walk around some of the smaller towns that are doing their holiday parades and such.