Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud to be an American!

We made history last night. Whether you voted for Obama or McCain, you voted. In record numbers, you voted. I am so moved by this, that I tear up just thinking about it. The people of the United States of America have a voice, and that voice was heard loud and clear last night.

I am so honored to be alive during this time in history. Yes, times are hard, and many may not agree with his policies, but Barack Obama was just elected as the President of the United States of America… and we were all a part of (arguably) the most historical election this country has ever seen. We can tell our children “I was there when we elected the first African-American into the White House.” Maybe we can say we helped put him there. Maybe we can say that we volunteered with the campaign. Maybe we can say that we attended one of his rallies, or donated a piece of our paychecks, or posted a sign our yard, or put a bumper sticker on our car. Regardless, we broke a barrier last night, and the election of 2008 will be forever marked as a turning point in our nation’s history. (For the record, the same could be said if McCain was elected into office. If that were the case, we could be proud of the fact that we helped put the first woman into the role of Vice President.)

Will Obama bring about the change he promises? I hope so. Will he be able to fulfill all of his campaign promises? Probably not. Who knows? Maybe this could be the worst mistake our country has ever made, and we’ll all be ashamed of the fact that we put the Obama family in the White House. Only time will tell. In the meantime, my hope is that this country will come together as a unified force and embrace the historical value of this day. I pray that we can all find a way to come together and rebuild what has been broken in America, so that it will be a better place for our children and their children.


Beautiful Mess said...

Beautifully written and WELL said! It is truly an amazing event in our country's history!
Enjoy your day,

Michelle said...

My sentiments exactly! Well said! It is very exciting and I hope that we are all not disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Why is this such a significant time in history?

African-American?!?!? I thought he was just an extremely tan white guy!

O boy did I make a mistake...

kccat said...

Great post!! I am finally proud to be an Ohioian too!!