Friday, December 12, 2008

My Husband ROCKS!

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Katy Lin prompted us to talk about our favorite Christmas memory with our husbands…

My most favorite Christmas memory EVER (not just with the Hubs) is the year before we got married. He had just moved into *our* apartment in August (I lived with my parents until after the wedding) and we were getting married in Feb. Wedding plans were in full swing, and we were starting to get REALLY excited.

He didn’t have any Christmas decorations, and just wasn’t going to decorate. We didn’t have a lot of money, and what little we did have was going toward gifts and wedding related items, so we took a trip to Wal-Mart and the Dollar store. My parents had bought a pre-lit tree the year before for very little money and gave it to us for the apartment. I bought construction paper and made paper chains, and we bought some “pine” garland and other decorations. It was simple and nice.

My favorite part, though, was after the apartment was decorated. We turned off all of the lights except for the tree and talked for hours about how we wanted our lives to turn out, and Christmases past and future. I think I fell in love with him all over again that night, and it made me even more excited for the day we would finally become husband and wife.


And as a bonus:

My husband rocks this week because he made dinner. Twice! I don’t think he realized how nice it was to come home and not have to figure out what to eat and then put the effort in to making it and cleaning it up. Thanks, Honey!


Shannon said...

Hi Jill,

I randomly came across your blog, and I read your PCOS story - PCOS always really stands out to me because I had a diagnosis of it too a couple of years ago. I thought I would write you a quick comment to share what has worked for me. I wasn't really satisfied that anything was "wrong" with me - other than a few missed periods and some acne - so I went to see a naturopathic doctor and she suggested I get tested for a gluten food sensitivity. It came back positive, I cut it out of my diet, and my hormones are normal again! Might be something to check out if you think it might be a possibility for you :)

Katy Lin :) said...

what beautiful memories! thank you for sharing :) i hope you have a great weekend!

Staci said...

your soo lucky you have a husband who