Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve started about a million posts, but I can’t seem to finish any of them!

~My Christmas was pretty good, how about yours? It was pretty much a no-pressure holiday, which was great! We did go to a bunch of places, but we didn’t put ourselves on a time schedule, so we could actually enjoy the time we had. I spent the day with my 3 2-year-old nieces. They’re getting to the age where they are starting to understand Santa and presents on Christmas morning, so it was really fun to watch them all! Honestly, I had to go through all of the gifts that I got over the weekend, because I couldn’t remember what I opened- I was so wrapped up in watching the girls! I did get some pretty good stuff, though. I think I gave some of the best gifts I’ve ever given, too, so that made me really excited!

~I started a new tradition this year. I had my sister and the Littles over and we made candy as gifts for some of our relatives. The girls LOVED it, and I had so much fun doing something fun and different with them. I hope this becomes one of those traditions that they grow up to look forward to and remember when they are adults. I think next year we’ll turn it into a slumber party, though, and that will give my sister some much needed time to do her shopping and/or wrapping.

~My office is very uncomfortable in the winter. If I have my space heater on, I’m uncomfortably hot. If I turn it off, I freeze (because for some reason the vents blow cold air on my side of the building.) Also, we have NO circulation of the air in here. It’s so dry and dusty! I mean, would it kill these people to have someone clean out the vents every once in a while (Like once every year or so?)

~ I’m currently working on a post about the New Year and resolutions. I know you all are just dying to read it! Tune in tomorrow!

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Staci said...

im glad you had a good christmas. we did too,

BTW i used to use a lil floor heater that are really cheap at the store, i would put it under my desk and it would warm my feet....thus warming my body...maybe that will help!!