Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whatever Wednesday

As promised~

~ The Hubs and I were watching TV before bed the other day when the commercial for the LG Shine featuring Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner came on.

Me: I feel just a little cooler about owning my phone now that I see LC and Brody Jenner with one.

Hubs: Who’s Brody Jenner?

Me: That guy that was just on the commercial? The HOT one?

Hubs: ……

Me: He’s Bruce Jenner’s son. You know, the Olympic star?

Hubs: Oh. He’s ugly! How did his son get so hot?

Me: I’m TOTALLY blogging this conversation.


My 16 year old sister got a cell phone that she has to share with my autistic 17 year old brother. They’re SOOOO excited! They’re so much younger than me, that it’s so hard to think of them as 16 and 17….. I think they’ll always be “the babies.”


My 21 year old sister is NOT so excited about them getting a cell phone. All she can say is “I didn’t get one until I was 18!” Ummm I didn’t get one until I was in college and my car broke down (again) in the ghetto and I had to ask some guy who was probably in the middle of setting up a drug deal if I could use his phone to call for help. I don’t want to hear it.


The Shiteth hath Hiteth the Proverbial Fan, and my husband is seeking new employment. If anyone lives in NE Ohio and would be willing to keep an eye out for me, please let me know.


I found out that I work really well and can be really calm when facing being royally screwed. Who knew?

I also realized that my faith in God becomes stronger when tested. For some reason that always surprises me.


butterflyanla said...

Great post, super funny. I hope your courage and strength carries you through teh rough spots in life.

Karol said...

You are a strong woman, and your strength will get you through this.

*love the cell phone converstation with DH.