Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whatever Wednesday


*My coworker is back from maternity leave! WOO HOO! I have been doing her job and mine for the past 6 weeks, so I am SO glad she’s back. My cube is SUCH a mess that I feel like I’m drowning…. And I can finally clean it out!

*I don’t feel like cleaning out my cube. Actually, I don’t feel like doing much of anything……

*I love my husband, and I like my life a whole lot, but man, I’m REALLY envious of The Pioneer Woman’s life. She’s had the best of both worlds (BIG city living and WAY OUT IN THE BOONIES country living.) Her relationship with her husband seems practically perfect in every way, and she has some adorable kids! Not to mention they have a farm. I’ve always wanted to have a farm…..(at least a whole bunch of farm animals….) I had a dream the other night that I was her kids’ nanny or something. I’m not obsessed or anything. Is this unhealthy?

*I’m going to Cedar Point on Saturday. It’s supposed to be 86 and sunny. I don’t own a pair of shorts. I went shopping for some yesterday and all the pairs I could find were: too high of a rise (think above the belly button), too low of a rise (making my belly look even bigger than it is), too long, too short, too heavy, too “teenager-y”, too “old lady”, too dressy…. There’s a lot of really cute little “active” skirts out there, but, hello! I’m going to cedar point. I don’t want to be flashing people all day. Also, I have fat thighs and they rub together and it hurts. Remember when you were a kid and any old pair of shorts was fine?

*I realized I’m getting old. Just recently I’ve been looking at HS and college girls and thinking about how nice it would be to be that young again with no cares in the world……..sad, huh?

*The Hubs FINALLY got a SA yesterday. My NP called this morning to tell me the results….. and everything on his end looks really good. So I guess I’m the broken one in this relationship. That’s good, though. I’d rather it be me than him. There’s not too much that can be done for MFIF. So I start provera this weekend (as soon as I call in a BFN on a HPT) and then Clomid once AF shows. Not really looking forward to more clomid crap, but anything to make a baby, right?!

*My parents are going on vacation in a couple of weeks, and they ask me at LEAST twice a day if I can go. Honestly, I want to, and I probably could- IF I wanted to leave the Hubs behind (they couldn’t afford to pay for us both), or IF we had the money to go, or IF I had the time left to take off of work….. I feel so bad every time they ask, and when I try to bring in the OB appts that I have to make, they just get all weird about it…. Of course, they’re all either way fertile or not women, so they wouldn’t really get it, I guess….. it just makes it hard, ya know? It will be my parents’ first vacation without half of their kids, so they’re having a hard time with it. Last time we took a family vacation was when we went to Disney World about 5 years ago. Of course none of us were married then, and we were all able to go. This year, I’m not going, my sister (mom of The Littles) isn’t going, and my deadbeat brother isn’t going, because my sister and I aren’t and he’ll be bored ::rolls eyes::

*I have eaten SO much crap today! I had 2 donuts and 2 pieces of extra greasy pizza…. But it was SOOOOOO good and SOOOOO worth it!


Jendeis said...

Contrary to what you wrote, there are actually things you can do for MF infertility.

But, I'm glad that you do not have to deal with that in addition to FF.

Also, it's not that you are broken or he is broken, this is an issue that you two have together.

Jill said...

Thank you for the correction... I guess I should have said that there's not much that I'm aware of that can be done for MF....

Also, I guess I should have said that I FEEL like I'm broken. He's been there for me every step of the way, and for the most part I'm at peace (well, coexisting) with my PCOS, but somedays it just feels like I'm broken, you know?

SAHW said...

I'm glad the SA went well...and you know you're not broken, but yes, I know what you mean, some days it does feel like that. : )

I always feel sad when I can't join my family on their vacations anymore...but we have tried to do a couple with all of us - them and DH and me...which is fun...but I still miss the childhood family vacations. :)

andrea said...

wish you could go on vacay with your family! but cedar point will be fun --- hope you find some comfy shorts!