Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TV Junkie

I hate rain. Once in a while it’s great, but not so much when there are more rainy days than sunny days. I could never live in places like London or Seattle…… Actually, it’s not the rain that I mind; it’s the gray clouds and the dreariness that comes along with it. Ohio gets enough gray in the winter, thanks, we don’t really need more in the summer.


Because I have nothing interesting to talk about, let’s talk about my unhealthy obsession with TV. I love TV. I love it a lot. I'm a TV Junkie. It’s my favorite way to just zone out every so often. I’m not ashamed. If I told you how many series I have on my DVR list right now, you might be a little shocked.

A small sampling of the shows I love to watch by myself:

THE HILLS (I’m slightly obsessed with this show. Don’t know why)

Jon and Kate + 8 (those kids are TOOO CUTE!)
Ugly Betty

Army Wives

Gossip Girl

One Tree Hill

Good Eats (not on my DVR, but I watch it whenever I can)

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (same as above. Paul makes fun of me for loving this show, but I truly do.)

How I Met your Mother ( I just got into this one this season. People have always told me that I look like Alison Hannigan…. Ever since American Pie came out “one time? At Band camp?” I wasn’t ever in band, FYI)

The Big Bang Theory (one of the FUNNIEST, SMARTEST shows on TV)
General Hospital and All my Children (they’ve been really bad lately, so I mostly fast forward through them, but I’ve been watching since I was in my mother’s womb, so I just can’t quit them!)

There are others, too. Told you I watch a lot of TV

Shows I like to watch with the Hubbs:



Last Comic Standing

The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan ROCKS MY WORLD! He’s pretty much a genius)

We used to watch Beauty and the Geek, but it got cancelled. SO sad. It was our guilty pleasure

Shows the world loves, but I couldn’t get into:
Grey’s Anatomy

Sex and the City

Desperate Housewives

Any of the CSI shows

I sound like a big ol’ couch potato, don’t I? I’m actually very busy, and I have NO idea how I make time to watch all of this TV, but I do! Talent, I guess. About The Hills, though, I really do have a very unhealthy obsession. When it comes back on (come on, AUGUST!), you will be sure to hear all my thoughts about Team Lauren and Team Heidi, how much I HATE Spencer, how crazy hot Brody is, how I used to like Lo, but now I don’t, how I feel bad for Poor Audrina, and how Justin Bobby is gross, but then sometimes not. Bet you can’t wait, huh?

Do you watch TV? Do you have a favorite show (or 10?) What is your guilty pleasure? I want to get to know you!


Mel said...

When did Beauty and the Geek get cancelled? They just wrapped up a new season in April or May... although I thought it was the worst one of the bunch.

I am a Grey's and SATC fanatic, how can you not love them?!?!

I also really love several of yours, as well as Samantha Who?, Meerkat Manor and Ninja Warrior (on G4). Husband and I will watch just about anything, though!

Summer TV is the pits!

Jendeis said...

Hi! Following you back from the Lushary. I hear you on all the recent pregnancy announcements. For those that I'm close to, I feel good for them, but I'm also like, come on universe, back off.

Love, love, love How I Met Your Mother (a definite TiVo), and Jon&Kate+8. We're also huge 24, House and Friends fans in this house.

Right now, I'm loving: Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, and Intervention.

Still Standing Strong in A Bloom of Hope. said...

I'm a huge huge huge fan of Grey's and SATC.... H.U.G.E

I like One Tree Hill too. :)

KC said...

we aren't big tv watchers. I am actually ready to cancel the cable. Not worth paying for these days.

I do like sex and the city but don't watch it now.
Love me some Law and Order, SVU.
Ace of Cakes -awesome show, got hubby hooked on that one as well. I actually met the two guys from that show at the food show in Nov 2007.
I like to watch good eats and diners, driveins and dives when I can catch it.
Just about anything on Discovery channel and History channel.
We love Battlestar Gallatica but not liking this season at all.
I can watch reruns of Everybody loves Raymond everyday. I love that show. Kev and I reference it quite a bit. Some of my fav lines from tv are from that show. The PMS episode is the best. "It doesn't cure bitchy, right Ray?" LOL
Ghout hunters is on the dvr.
We were big into deadliest catch but have fallen off that one.
We used to always catch dirty jobs but that one fell off too.

The Town Criers said...

Brothers and Sisters. My huge guilty pleasure.

How is Army Wives?

Sorry you're having a crappy day today, sweetie.

Tiffanie said...

i love love love tv! grad school and work is putting a serious downer on my viewing needs. sigh...

Stephanie said...

I watch entirely too much tv! We watch a lot of the same shows.

from nclm.

Mrs. R said...

We so have the same taste in TV. and, I watch many of those shows alone.

I do however LOVE everything on your "couldn't get into" list except CSI...don't get it.

I LOVE the Hills. It reminds me so much of being in LA during my 20's.

Heather said...

Hubby and I love to watch The Office and My Name is Earl. Alone, I watch Grey's Anatomy and Lost.

I could never get into SATC or any of the CSI's either.