Monday, June 30, 2008

You asked, I answer......

Did you go to Prom in high school? Why yes, I did! I dreamed about my prom night for lots and lots of years. Kind of like a little girl would plan her wedding, I planned my prom. (well, I planned my wedding, too, natch.) I would pour over YM PROM magazine (is YM still around?) and every prom dress catalog I could find. I just KNEW that it was going to be a magical night where everyone in my class got along and where people would look at me and think “wow! She looks amazing! Why didn’t I notice her before?!” I would arrive in a limo with all of my friends and my date would be perfect and dance with me all night and make me feel like a princess.

How it actually turned out: Until about 2 weeks before, I didn’t have a date. I know, shocking, right? All of my friends were pairing up and planning their night. My best friend was going with my former crush (the hooked up right after she yelled at him for totally screwing with my head… but that’s another story. Ah, High School!) We were all planning on getting a limo and going together…. if I found a date. Things were getting desperate. It was sad. I did, however, have a dress. It was mint green A-line with a purple lace overlay on the bodice. It had a mock corset back and was just PERFECT! I wore a little tiara (because I’m a princess, and because our HS didn’t elect prom king and queen for some reason.)

Then, 2 weeks before prom and closing night of our musical, I hooked up with J. I had known him for quite some time, and we had some common good friends, but we weren’t close. We had some friendly flirting, but he always had a girlfriend, so I stayed back. Also, he was a bad boy. (Still is, actually. We talk from time to time.) Because of my date of choice, though, I was booted from the limo group. J was the ex of my Frienemy, S. So here I was with a bad boy date and my perfect dress and no limo. J was great, though. He didn’t fuss or complain, he just said “Don’t worry about it.” And I didn’t, and it was fine. He borrowed a really nice car from his aunt and made sure it was really nice and shiny and clean. He showed up on time and chilled with my fam and made the appropriate comments as to how good I looked. He was a perfect prom date (He was a pro, after all… this was his 3rd prom in 3 years) we met up with his good friend, and his girl friend at the time, my dear friend Jessie Marie Davis (Yes, that one. She looked amazing on prom night and I will never ever ever forget how much she was there for me through my crazy months with J.) We had a FABULOUS time! Despite the frienemy drama, everything turned out practically perfect.

I don’t really remember too much about the dance itself. I remember that my bff (the one dating my ex crush) had the same dress as one of the other girls. I remember dancing. I remember that one of my classmates who was known for his long long curly beautiful hair had cut it all off right before prom to donate to Locks of love and looked even more adorable after it was cut short. I remember one of my friends coming to the dance with a marine, who then got bored at after prom and left her there. I remember driving home from an amazing night with J, happy. I remember him pulling into the parking lot of the park around the corner from my house, and I remember him telling me that he really cared about me but didn’t think things would work out. Great timing, right? Jerk. (Really, he’s been an amazing friend ever since, and was actually my “rebound guy” between lots of relationships… until I met the Hubbs, of course!)

Great story, huh? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition where I describe the big old beater that was my first car. Exciting stuff, no?


Staci said...

oh how i miss hs.....NOT!!! i know im a nerd for saying not.....ill be back to read the next edition!!!

Shereen said...

wait - I'm confused - you went to prom with him but met up with Jessie Marie Davis - who was his girlfriend at the time? Then on the way home he tells you it's not going to work out? I don't get it. I'm confused!!

Jill said...

haha! No! Jessie was dating J's friend and then J told me on the way home that it wasn't going to work out. This is why I should have people read my stuff before I post it.