Monday, August 18, 2008

The Return of CLOMID and randomness

I start my 3rd round of Clomid tonight. I've been having hot flashes all weekend in anitcipation. Fun stuff, right?

I ended up not really having any plans this weekend. I coulda/ shoulda/ woulda cleaned my house and caught up my laundry and put more stuff up on ebay, but I didn't. Instead I sat on my couch looking at magazines and watching TV- mostly the style channel and Lifetime movies. OH and I rented Atonement. Let's review:

-I could TOTALLY be Kimora Lee Simmons. Basically she bosses people around all day and ends up getting everything she wants. She doesn't seem mean about it, just unwilling to compromise. It works, right? Also, OMG her closets! I was drooling just a little bit. And she seems to have a really great relationship with her kids. That was really cool to watch.

-I love Lifetime movies. I don't know what it is, but I just love them. I always have. I could sit on my couch all weekend and watch nothing but Lifetime Movies and be constantly entertained. Should I be ashamed of this? Cause I'm not.

- Atonement. (Sidebar: I hate when I have to watch a movie with the remote in my hands to control the volume through the whole thing. There were times when the music was SO loud that I had to hurry up and turn it down, and then there were times when I couldn't hear a word the characters were saying so I had to turn it up almost full blast. Annoying, right?) Maybe it's just me, but for the first 3/4 of the movie I was kinda confused, and the jumping around in time really threw me off. I wasn't quite sure why people raved and raved about this movie..... until the end. I'm not going to get into any spoilers here, but the end of the movie just made the entire thing worth it to me. It ripped my heart out and stomped on it and made me think about how beautiful life is. The Hubs was hanging out with one of his friends yesterday, and when the friend was leaving, he asked me how the movie was. Then he looked at my face and said "that good, huh?" Wowee! Great flick.

We had a sleepover with the Littles on Saturday night. It was so great to see their faces last thing before I fell asleep and first thing in the morning. And then we made banana pancakes and danced to Barney. And then we went to the park and saw the ducks. And then they cried because they didn't want to go home. And I cried. And they went home. It's so easy to get used to having them around.... it kinda felt strange NOT having them around.

Don't you wish you had my fabulous life?


SAHW said...

Thanks for your sweet comment today :)
I'm excited but nervous too...
I hope round 3 of Clomid will do the trick for you!! It will be worth all that discomfort then...

Staci said...

i tried to watch atonement, but i got distracted and put it off, i still have yet to see it....its funny that you mentioned komora AND lifetime, because i happened to watch BOTH before falling asleep..i fell asleep watching a life time movie about a transexual boy, who was beaten to death....i bawled...sooo sad. And komoras life seems great...but MAN she complains alot.....

marye said...

Praying for you. :)
I can't remember the last time I sat down long enough to watch a movie

JenM said...

Aw, glad you had fun with the Littles. I hope the Clomid does the trick this time!

Shereen said...

I totally feel you on the volume thing. ANNOYING!!!! Glad you had a nice time with the littles. How's that all been going??

Lori said...

Hi, Jill.

So glad you entered our M&Ms giveaway.

We'll post the winners next week, so check back!

Hope things go smoothly for you with this cycle.

Kristin said...

If you leave out the clomind/if, your life does sound pretty fabulous :)

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